Leaders of Growth

#17 Brian Kardon on Marketing

December 08, 2021 Arthur Nobel
Leaders of Growth
#17 Brian Kardon on Marketing
Show Notes

In this episode, Arthur Nobel discusses Marketing with our guest Brian Kardon. 

Previously, Brian has been the CMO at Forrester, Eloqua, Lattice Engines, Fuze, and InVision and has  +20 of experience in the field.

He has joined several of these companies in the early days and scaled some of them to IPO level. Brian is considered as one of the 50 most influential CMOs according to Forbes.

Listen out for:

01:00 Background and career

13:00 The role of the CRO

15:00 Learnings on scaling a Marketing department

17:50 Marketing Budgets

20:50 Bringing new logos vs. Upselling

22:10 Marketing Compensation

25:00 Building a Marketing Team

28:00 The importance of focus

32:20 Marketing tech stack: adopting new tools

37:40 How to structure Sales & Marketing across different industries

40:00 Learnings