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Arthur Nobel

Leaders of Growth is the first podcast that helps B2B SaaS companies scale to $25M ARR and beyond. Every week, Arthur Nobel from Knight Capital brings you insights from SaaS thought leaders, founders, and experts from fast-growing software companies to help you grow your business. Each episode covers different startup challenges such as scaling teams, Go-to-Market, and the changing role of the founder in a growing organization. Leaders of Growth is brought to you by Knight Capital. Get the summary of these interviews in the Leaders of Growth book (leadersofgrowth.co) or at the Knight Capital blog (knight.capital/blog).
#45 Building your Sales Organization, with Jacco van der Kooij (Founder, Winning by Design)July 15, 2022 Episode artwork #44 Scaling Moss to >400 FTE 2.5 Years After Launching, with Ante Spittler (Co-Founder and CEO)July 06, 2022 Episode artwork #43 How to Price and Package your SaaS Product, with Dan Balcauski (Founder of Product Tranquility)June 30, 2022 Episode artwork #42 PR for SaaS companies 101, with Matías Rodsevich (Founder of PRLab)June 23, 2022 Episode artwork #41 Rebranding Learnings from Unicorn Nord Security, with Marija Dzemionaite June 15, 2022 Episode artwork #40 Scaling Across Series B, with Thomas Inhelder (Co-Founder & CFO, Yokoy)June 08, 2022 Episode artwork #39 The Challenge of Tripling Your Team in a Year, with Christopher May (Co-CEO, Finoa)June 01, 2022 Episode artwork #38 Founders' Mental Health 101, with Dr. Michael FreemanMay 25, 2022 Episode artwork #37 Revenue-based Financing 101, with Henrik Grim (Capchase)May 12, 2022 Episode artwork #36 Scaling The Engineering Team, with Steffen Vollert (COO, volt.io)May 06, 2022 Episode artwork #35 Do's and Don'ts When Selling and Acquiring SaaS Companies, with Thomas SmaleApril 27, 2022 Episode artwork #34 What’s the Difference Between a CPO and a VP of Product? With Gijo Mathew (CPO at VTS)April 21, 2022 Episode artwork #33 Recruiting Insights From a HRTech Company, with Louis Coulon (Founder of CleverConnect)April 12, 2022 Episode artwork #32 Setting Up Employee Equity Programs, with Christian Gabriel (Capdesk Founder & CEO)April 07, 2022 Episode artwork #31 The Only Scalable Management Tool, with Hugo WernhoffMarch 31, 2022 Episode artwork #30 Why Do You Need a Kickboxing Ring in Your Company, with Chris ZadehMarch 24, 2022 Episode artwork #29 Driving Business Value with Product, with Dave MartinMarch 17, 2022 Episode artwork #28 How to Implement a SaaS Positioning Strategy, with Bob WrightMarch 10, 2022 Episode artwork #27 How Supermetrics made Marketing Scalable, with Edward FordMarch 03, 2022 Episode artwork #26 Three Mistakes To Avoid When Scaling Sales, with Sally DubyFebruary 23, 2022 Episode artwork #25 Experiencing Bankruptcy & Founding a Unicorn - With Aircall's Founder Jonathan AnguelovFebruary 16, 2022 Episode artwork #24 How to implement the Go-to-Ecosystem framework with Allan AdlerFebruary 10, 2022 Episode artwork #23 How to Build and Evaluate the Customer Success Team with Dave BlakeFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork #22 How Factorial raised +$100M and scaled to +400 employees with Jordi RomeroJanuary 26, 2022 Episode artwork #21 Zack Ross on getting started with OKR in SaaSJanuary 14, 2022 Episode artwork