Leaders of Growth

#3 - João Graça on Quality of Mind

July 15, 2021 Arthur Nobel Season 1 Episode 3
Leaders of Growth
#3 - João Graça on Quality of Mind
Show Notes

João Graça is the Co-Founder and CTO of Unbabel, the Portuguese AI-driven translation platform that raised € 83 million from a.o. Notion Capital and Matrix Partners to overcome language barriers for teams.  
In today's episode of Leaders of Growth, João shares some of the main tech-engineering challenges, the importance of structure for an organization, and quality of mind for founders.
 Discussion topics:
 0:50: Background of João Graça
 2:48: Can you share some of the challenges you faced while scaling Unbabel?
 7:08: Was there a specific period in time where documentation became more relevant?
 9:25: What were some of the challenges at Unbabel from a tech-engineering perspective?
 13:00: What would be your advice to smaller startups now?
 18:07: Did you have certain mentors or support along the founder journey?
 20:17: How do you keep quality of mind as a founder?