Leaders of Growth

#1 - Adam Tesan on Building a Revenue Organization

June 17, 2021 Arthur Nobel Season 1 Episode 1
Leaders of Growth
#1 - Adam Tesan on Building a Revenue Organization
Show Notes

Adam Tesan is the current CRO of Chargebee, the subscription and management billing platform which recently raised $125 million of Series G funding from among others Insight Partners and Tiger Global Management. 

In this episode, Adam Tesan shares his insights on amongst others SWAT teams, aligning the customer's buying journey and the sales process, and building a revenue organization. 

Discussion topics:
0:58: Background of Adam Tesan
4:16: What have you learned about scaling companies in your career?
7:28: Do you use a certain framework for running experiments?
10:05: How do you look at the concept of a revenue organization?
13:34: How have you approached aligning the different departments within the revenue organization?
15:46: Can you share the most important metrics on which you align the teams within the revenue organization?
21:05: Can you share your advice to early-stage companies with limited data to still draw conclusions on the customer journey?
25:39: How do you align the acquisition process and the buying journey?
27:18: Do you have some final advice or content recommendations for the audience?